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Lipstick Formula:

  • Glides on elegantly, making lips look beautiful. Leaving your lips luxuriously soft and smooth, conditioned and hydrated.
  • Formulated with a translucent base to let the true shade shine through.
  • Non-feathering, non-bleeding formulas.
  • Formula contains SIGNATURE COLOR pigments, designed to provide the perfect amount of color and coverage.

Lipstick Packaging:

  • An exclusive, custom designed package delivers a lipstick experience that looks as good in your hand as it does on your lips.
  • The elegant, uplifting design of the award winning ARTISTRY Crescendo packaging is now also a hallmark of the SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick.
  • SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick is introduced in a golden cap, while SIGNATURE COLOR Sheer Lipstick is designed in a black cap.
  • The ingenious twist and click design, a patented technology system meticulously engineered with 17 parts, assures you the package is closed, and the cap is locked in place.

Lipstick Shades Range:

  • 16 lipsticks stunning shades with full-color finishes in crème texture.

Twist & Click instructions:

  • To open the lipstick tube, hold the lower portion of the cap and twist the top portion of the cap clockwise. The lipstick tube will emerge.
  • Apply the lipstick: begin with top lip. Start at the center of the lip.
  • Apply lip color from center to corner. Simply follow the natural shape of your lip.  
  • Repeat on bottom lip.
  • When finished, place the cap over the tube. Click. And the lipstick is securely locked in place

Lip Color Tip from Rick DiCecca, Global Makeup Artist:

To extend the wear of your lipstick and create more drama, line your lips with your desired ARTISTRY Lip Define Linerl and use it to completely color the lips. Once prepared, apply ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick directly from the tube.

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  • A patented, custom designed unique package with an ingenious twist and click design.
  • New shade palette encompassing a full range of richest relevant shades.
  • SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick formula is infused with a composition of natural oils that helps lock in 36% more moisture.
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Allergy Tested
  • Fragrance Free


  • Contains deep intense hydrated formula with a blend of vitamin E to help deeply rejuvenate and soften lips.
  • Formula will not feather or bleed.
  • Cap stay securely in place.
  • Impactful range of shades makes it easy to choose the perfect level of color: 16 shades of full color of pink-to-berry, coral-to-red and nude-to-brown shades.
  • SIGNATURE COLOR Lipstick softens, moisturizes and rejuvenates lips.
  • rouge à lèvres crème: Wild Orchid


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR


23,80  EUR

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