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Oral Care products GLISTER


GLISTER oral care products give you the proactive protection you need to keep your smile looking beautiful day after day. Using scientifically designed formulas, GLISTER products help stop problems before they start, providing all you need for an easy-to-follow oral regimen, from toothbrushes and toothpaste to mouthwash and breath refresher spray.

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Concentrated Mouthwash - 50 ml
13,10  EUR  
12,10  EUR  
GLISTER kids oral care toothbrushes - New
11,10  EUR  
Multi-Action Flouride Toothpaste - 150 ml
7,60  EUR  
Multi-Action Flouride Toothpaste - 6 x 50 ml
19,40  EUR  
Glister kids toothpaste - 65 ml - NEW
4,45  EUR  
Dental Floss
4,50  EUR  
Mouth Refresher Spray
7,30  EUR