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Amway’s Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of Amway products and guarantee your satisfaction.

If you are not completely satisfied, please return the product to have it replaced without charge, or receive full credit toward the purchase of another Amway product, or receive a refund of the full purchase price.  

This guarantee does not apply to Amway products which have been used for purposes other than their intended purpose in normal domestic use; which have been intentionally damaged or misused; Amway-distributed products which provide a specified time period for return; and/or those products covered by express written warranties.

This warranty is valid in Belgium only. It comes to be added to your other laws envisaged by the Law,without affecting them.

Warranty Produced (starting from the date ofpurchase)

iCook™ Set

30 years

ICook knives

30 years

iCook Non-stick Fry Pan Set

5 years

 eSpring™ Water Treatment System

2 years