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ARTISTRY EXACT FITTM Powder Foundation is the most advanced ARTISTRY powder foundation yet. The smooth formula creates the look of a perfected complexion with an invisibly seamless fit.Perfectly balanced, the ARTISTRY EXACT FIT Blend of Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms helps mimic the look of real skin. Rare Amazonian Minerals control oil and prevent shine for a beautifully natural matte finish. ARTISTRY EXACT FIT Powder Foundation provides medium-buildable coverage, and a long lasting effect, even in heat and humidity. Available in 13 shades - accurately match skin tones around the world.  SPF 20 UVA /UVB PA+++


How to select your Foundation shade using the new shades codes

  • Locate your Level and Undertone in the shade code (given above next to the shade name). Where they meet is your exact shade.
  • For example, if your skin tone level is level 1, and your undertone is warm, you would be L1*W1 Buff (lightest) or L1*W2 Cream (slightly darker, more intense than Buff).


  • L E V E L: The depth of your natural skin tone.
  • L1 - light
  • L 2 - medium
  • L3 - medium-to-dark
  • L4 - dark
  • L5 & L6 - intense dark


  • U N D E RT O N E : Undertones are designated as Warm - W, Neutral - N, or Cool - C.
  • The number next to the symbol of your undertone shows the intense/darkness of the tone.
  • Warm (W): Does your skin have a golden or olive hue? Do you get more compliments when you wear browns, dark greens, oranges or yellows? If yes to most of these questions, then your undertone is Warm.
  • Neutral (N): Does your skin have an even-toned, neutral hue that is neither pink nor golden? Does any clothing colour suit you well? If yes to most of these questions, then your undertone is Neutral.
  • Cool (C): Does your skin have a pink or rosy hue? Do you get more compliments when you wear pinks, purples, blues and white? If yes to most of these questions, then your undertone is Cool.

Suggested Usage

ARTISTRY EXACT FIT Powder Foundation is suitable for all skin types, as well as for oily and combination skin.

  • Apply the powder foundation in a thin layer using the dual-sided sponge applicator.
  • Choose the side based on the look you want to achieve:
  • -    the velvet-like side gives sheer-to-medium coverage.
  • -    the sponge side deposits more powder for the most coverage.
  • For areas requiring more coverage, repeat to apply more powder foundation.

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  • A comprehensive range of shades to accurately match any skin tone and complexion. Available in 13 shades and developed using exclusive FACES technology.
  • Instantly perfects skin and minimises the appearance of imperfections such as: dark spots, pores and blemishes. 
  • Long-lasting coverage resists the effects of heat, humidity, and constant activity.
  • Protection against environmental aggressors. SPF 20 provides protection against damaging UVA / UVB PA++ rays and helps preserve the beauty of youth.
  • Velvety soft skin gets a refined,matte finish that lasts all day.
  • Dermatologically tested,fragrance and oil-free.



  • Includes Tahitian Pearls and Optical Prisms to minimise imperfections by softly reflecting and scattering light.
  • Gives a natural matte finish to the skin.

Rare Amazonian Minerals

  • Derived from a white clay from the Amazon riverbed in Brazil; rich in minerals and forest nutrients.
  • Keeps the skin looking velvety soft.
  • Helps control oil and prevent shine.
  • : Sand


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