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  • SA8™Baby is concentrated to maximise cleaning results and minimise environmental waste
  • It cleans at all temperatures – from 30º to 95º C
  • The powder is phosphate-free and rinses clean away, leaving no irritating detergent residue
  • Stains are removed with natural enzymes
  • SA8 Baby uses an active oxygen bleach to tackle tough baby stains like organic or protein-based residues and body soiling
  • It has a natural water softener derived from renewable resources
  • The formula has been tested by paediatricians to make sure it is absolutely safe for the youngest and most sensitive of skins.

Ingredients : Sodium Carbonate,Pareth 25-7,Sodium Citrate,Sodium Percarbonate,Precipitated Silica,TAED,Cellulose Gum,Sodium Polyacrylate,Sodium Silicate,Palmitic Acid,Stearic Acid,Myristic Acid,Heptadecanoic Acid,Pentadecanoic Acid,Dimethicone,Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate,sodium Chloride,Subtilisin,Parfum

Suggested Usage

SA8™ Baby is ideal for all household laundry such as bed linen, towels, nappies and clothes.

  • Sort the load by fabric type, colour and level of soiling
  • Pre-treat stains (milk, formula, blood) using SA8 PreWash Spray or by dissolving 20 ml of SA8™ Baby in a bowl full of cool water and soaking the item for around 30 minutes
  • Put the laundry on at the warmest temperature recommended.

Using a chlorine bleach with SA8 Baby can weaken the power of the oxygen bleach. If more bleaching is required, use AMWAY HOME™ All Fabric Bleach.

Please be aware:

  • If washing by hand, always rinse hands thoroughly after contact with the detergent. 

Approximate dosage level required (and maximum number of washes) depending on water type and level of soiling:


Light Soil

Medium Soil

Heavy Soil

Soft Water

40ml (max 88 washes)

60ml (max 60 washes)

100ml (max 36 washes)

Medium Water

50ml (max 71 washes)

75ml (max 48 washes)*

125ml (max 29 washes)

Hard Water

60ml (max 60 washes)

85ml (max 42 washes)

135ml (max 26 washes)

*The number of washes printed on the product label is the mid-point of the above table as per EU regulations.


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