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  • SA8™ Concentrated Fabric Softener uses softening agents derived from natural sources
  • It restores ‘fluffiness’ to towels and makes bed linen beautifully soft
  • Static cling, creasing and wrinkling are all reduced, making ironing easier and quicker
  • It’s highly concentrated – you only need 10 ml per 4.5/5 kg of dry wash load
  • SA8™ Concentrated Fabric Softener contains no phosphates, chlorine, dyes, EDTA or NTA
  • Use it for both hand and machine washing
  • One bottle can treat up to 100 x 5 kg loads!

Ingredients: Aqua,Ester Quat,Isopropyl Alcohol,Parfum,Calcium Chloride,Glutaraldehyde,Methyl Alcohol

Suggested Usage

SA8™ Concentrated Fabric Softener restores softness and helps to reduce wear, extending the life of your clothing. 

  • To use in the washing machine, add 10 ml with water to the fabric dispenser drawer.
  • For hand washing, add 5 ml to the final 10 litres of rinse water.

Please be aware:

  • Do not pour the undiluted product on to clothing as this could cause marking. 


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Ingredient Name CAS # Common Name
Water 7732-18-5 Water
Dihydrogenated Tallowamidoethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate (Ester Quat) 157905-74-3  Fabric Softener
Isopropyl Alcohol 67-63-0 Solvent
Fragrance Proprietary - See Fragrance
Calcium Chloride 10043-52-4 Viscosity Modifier
Polymeric Blue Colorant Proprietary Colorant
Potassium Chloride 7447-40-7 Viscosity Modifier
Methylchloroisothiazolinone 26172-55-4 Preservative
Polymeric Yellow Colorant Proprietary Colorant
Methylisothiazolinone 2682-20-4 Preservative
No additional info

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